Macnas at School

Our Program

Macnas are world renowned epic storytellers, we bring the magic of the imagination to life through designing and making incredible structures. Over 8 sessions pupils will work with our highly skilled artists who will invite them into the magical world of Macnas.

There are two making workshops to choose from inspired by Macnas show Out Of The Wild Sky

(1) Sculptural Creatures

Design & make a sculptural creature with props and special effects

Pupils will journey through the process of making, they will brainstorm ideas, learn how to use new materials & document their ideas. Each session they will learn how to make creative decisions together and individually and bring an idea from the page to 3D. At the end of this process pupils will curate a display of their work with sound and vision.

(2) Lantern Making

Design and construct a large scale lantern structure

Pupils will learn how to construct large lantern sculptural objects together and smaller individual lanterns. They will develop ideas together and individually. The final sessions will be a beautiful light installation curated by the pupils.


Through these Macnas programs pupils will experience:

-Creative problem solving using the imagination as a tool to express and explore

-Autonomy in the creative process

-The art of collaboration, how to work together towards a shared goal

-Visual Literacy

-Skills and strategy's that will further develop and nurture each pupils individual artistic expression

-Creative confidence and empowerment

-How creativity can have an integral role in the process of learning, decision making, problem solving, communication and play!

For further information on workshops and inquiry's,


Victoria Mc Cormack

Education Coordinator Macnas

Our schools program is designed in line with the current best practices in education and creativity.


Our Objectives

-Explore the Imagination through storytelling, making, performance and play

-Instill confidence in creative expression

-Provide an unforgettable experience

-Encourage connection, wellbeing, and belonging through creative play, collaboration, and creative listening

-Develop children’s capacity to learn through creative problem solving

-Celebrate each child’s unique creativity

Macnas Artist Facilitator - Tom Meskell

Hello there, welcome to the Macnas education programme.

I am very proud to be part of the “Macnas at School” program.
Macnas has an exciting and engaging catalogue of work that will act as an inspirational starting point for the work that the children will be creating. We are excited to deliver this program to schools to celebrate creativity, imagination and magic!

Previous art and education credentials

I have specialised in arts and education in particular in the use of non traditional arts materials, like tissue paper, cardboard, willow, found objects, recycled materials, natural materials.

I have worked for many years with County Councils, The Department of Education and Steiner schools :

TAP –Teacher and artist partnership program – as a lead artist with schools and as a certified trainer for the summer CPD programme,

Creative clusters – as a creative cluster coordinator.

Creative schools – as an artist working with schools.

County Council Arts and Schools Programme – as an artist working with schools.

Steiner Schools – I have developed schools programmes for Steiner /waldorf schools summer programmes..

More Education Experiences