Macnas At School

Scoil Iognáid - Lantern Making Workshop with Tom Meskell

Our Programme

Macnas is an award-winning internationally acclaimed spectacle theatre company from Galway.

Master storytellers, Macnas bring the magic of imagination to life through creating and delivering incredible spectacle shows. This program is designed to invite pupils into the world of Macnas and is led by highly skilled visual and performance artists.

There are two making workshops to choose from structured over 20hrs.

-Sculptural Creatures
-Lantern Making

Macnas can also design bespoke programs to suit the needs of individual schools.

For full details and enquiry's of the Macnas At School Programme contact:

Victoria Mc Cormack

Head of Creative Engagement


Our Objectives

Explore Imagination through visual storytelling, making, performance and play.

Instill confidence in creative expression.

Promote connection, wellbeing and belonging.

Encourage creative play, collaboration and creative listening.

Develop children’s capacity to learn through creative problem solving.

Celebrate each child’s unique creativity.

Provide an unforgettable experience.

Our Goal

To empower children by engaging their active imagination.

Macnas provide dynamic and accessible tools that encourage children to problem solve, promote creative play and create meaningful connections.

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