Spectacular Impacts

Macnas C O L L I D E programme provides intern and training opportunities for third level and newly graduated students nationally.

Macnas provide a platform of direct project experience and skills development for emerging talent in the following fields: Design, Performance, Directing, Metal Sculpting, Mask & Prop Design, Large Scale Animatronics, Production, Set Design, Costume, Set Painting and Virtual & Augmented Reality Spectacle.

This is an opportunity to work closely with the Macnas team of highly skilled artists and professionals.

Closing Date for Applications for 2023 - 12th May

This internship program is an opportunity for current and recent graduates from an undergraduate program in:

  • Art
  • Design
  • 3D Design Modelmaking
  • Digital Arts

Interns will join the Macnas company and be an integral part of the creative team for 3 x weeks in August 2023

Students will work with world renowned experts in the field of spectacle arts.

This three week period will be an opportunity to gain a unique insight into Macnas’ working methods in the creating of some of the world’s most exciting spectacle arts and to play a practical role in the design and realisation of new work for our Halloween Parade.

Successful applicants will be accommodated in Galway for the duration of the internship and receive a per diem to help support day to day expenses.

Successful applicants will be expected to have skills in one or more of the following areas.

• Metal-sculpting

• Mask and prop design

• Large-scale animatronics

• Set design and painting

• Costume

· Scenic construction.

They will additionally be good team workers, highly motivated and with a real enthusiasm and interest in the potential of spectacle arts.

Applicants will need to send in a digital portfolio and a short video link to them saying why they should be awarded a place.

please email digital portfolios and video link to:


and in the subject line of your email write: “Macnas C O L L I D E Internship insert your name”


Macnas C O L L I D E Internship - Jenny Smyth

For further information about Macnas http://macnas.com/

Deadline for applications 5:00 pm Friday May 12th 2023

We are excited to work with the now generation of spectacular artists!

2022 C O L L I D E Artists

Ciara Kelly

Elise Mc Elroy

Ellen Mc Hugh

Mara Matagne

Rebecca Mc Connon

Saoirse Whelan

Saoirse Carey

*Top Image credits from left to right

Saoirse Whelan, Mara Matagne, Ellen Mc Hugh

*Bottom image credits, work in progress, left to right

Ciara Kelly, Elise Mc Elroy, Saoirse Carey, Rebecca Mc Connon

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