The Boy Explorer

The Boy Explorer


The Boy Explorer represents the power of imagination, illustrated through his celebration of creativity, positivity and collaboration. The Boy is chasing after a large butterfly and meets the Guardians of the Unpredictable in the form of fearsome beasts who waltz out of the shadows… A new and a wondrous friendship comes into being.

Creative Team

  • Noeline Kavanagh

    Director + Design Team

  • Costume Designer

    Triona Lillis

  • Orlagh de Bhaldraithe

    Musical Director

The Story

The story of a Boy Explorer who escapes into a world of adventure.

A boy - 8 years old and 15ft high - goes on a wild hunt in pursuit of Pablo Picasso whom he meets in the form of a mighty minotaur. The boy’s adventure sees him encounter a wolf and her nymph warriors; avoid the snarling beaks of large shadowy crows and become distracted by a delicate and beautiful butterfly who leads him into mischief.

The Production Team


    • Tommy Casby
    • Matthew Guinnane
    • Ger Sweeney
    • Bill Wright
    • Dave Young