Gilgamesh: Official Selection for Woods Hole Film Festival & Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival!

Gilgamesh: Official Selection for Woods Hole Film Festival & Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival!

We are so thrilled and excited that Gilgamesh is an Official Selection in Competition for two film festivals this summer!

The 31st WOODS HOLE FILM FESTIVAL will take place in Cape Cod, 30thJuly - Saturday 6th August, 2022.

And MIDDLEBURY NEW FILMMAKERS FESTIVAL, celebrating dynamic first and second time filmmakers from around the world, will take place in Middlebury, Vermont from 24th – 28th August, 2022.

For more information on how to purchase in-person and virtual tickets to see Gilgamesh, visit the festival websites:

Woods Hole Film Festival -

Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival -

A short film inspired by humanity’s oldest story, exploring universal themes of power, love and loss. Immerse yourself in the mood and feeling of this ancient epic with our Macnas-infused interpretation– a visual poem and experience like no other.
A Galway 2020 commission

Writer - Marina Carr
Director - Noeline Kavanagh
Co-Designer – Julian Crouch
Co-Designer – Orla Clogher
Composer & Sound Design – Nick Powell
Costume Designer - Cherie White
Cinematographer - Colm Hogan
Casting - Maureen Hughes
Assistant Designer - Anna Maddalena Cingi
Executive Producer - Artichoke
Hair Design - Helen O’Connor
Make Up Design - Caroline McCurdy
Angie Byrne, Tommy Casby, Peter Casby, Amanda Donovan, Eugene Finnegan, Lisa O’Farrell, Matt Guinnane, Aine Lawless, Paul McDonnell,Niamh Moloughney, Gavin Morgan, Ger Sweeney, Lisa Sweeney, Tara Tobin, Bill Wright, Jingyi Zhang

CAST (in alphabetical order):
Gilgamesh - Curtis-Lee Ashqar
Enkidu - Aaron Edo
Ninsun - Maeve Fitzgerald
Shamhat - Ella Lily Hyland
Ishtar - Úna Kavanagh
Utnapishtim - Sean McGinley
Enlil - San Shella
Bride - Victoria McCormack,
Gazelle 1 - Amélie Bal,
Gazelle 2 - Iseult Fitzsimons,
Gazelle 3 - Beau Holland

Photo Credit – Julia Dunin