Symphony For The Restless


Raging, roaring, grieving; staggering, rootless out of proportion; loose wild and weary in this world. This story is happening at a time where the membrane between the worlds of the living and the dead grows thin.

The giant, Crom is tormented by his own illusion and delusions. He is intoxicated with rage, he is disorientated, restless, and lawless…

Creative Team

  • Noeline Kavanagh

    Director + Design Team

  • Cherie White

    Costume Design

  • Orlagh De Bhaldraithe

    Musical Director

Professional Artists

The Story

A giant slouches, wails and roars. Hands like hammers pounding out a mad, possessed and most tender fury…

This is Crom, the giant. Through his eyes we glimpse a world where he summons up slumbering agitations from on high. Creatures, characters and contortions dissolve, are remade and revealed. Monsters and marvels rip, roar, stagger and stalk through his mind in an act of play, wild abandon, madness, excess and a final act of prayer.

The Production Team


    • Ciarán Bonner
    • Angie Byrne
    • Tommy Casby
    • Peter Casby
    • Orla Clogher
    • Mary Doyle
    • Eugene Finnigan
    • Chris Gibbons
    • Paddy Hoyne
    • Aine Lawless
    • Ali Nightingale
    • Paul Mcdonnell
    • Gavin Morgan
    • Suse Reibisch
    • Ger Sweeney
    • Dave Young
    • Bill Wright


  • Costume Team
    • Doreen McKenna
    • Marcella Morgan
    • Tara Mulvihill

Hair + Make Up

  • Hair Design
    • The Face Hair Studio
  • Make Up Design
    • Hillary Kavanagh


  • Performance Director
    • Miquel Barcelo
    • Jonathan Gunning
    • Judith Sibley - Youth Ballet West
  • Brass
    • Tim Hill

Production Team

  • Macnas General Manager
    • Sharon O Grady
  • Production Manager
    • Peter Jordan
  • Event Control
    • Eamon Fox
  • Production Assistant
    • Hillary Kavanagh
  • Production Assistant
    • Debbie Wright
  • Production Assistant
    • Emma O Grady
  • Macnas Volunteer Coordinator
    • Victoria Mc Cormack
  • Sound Engineer
    • Kevin Hughes
  • LX
    • Jim Faulkner
  • LX
    • Mike O Halloran
  • Pyrotechnics
    • Black Powder Monkey
  • Workshop Manager
    • Gavin Morgan
  • Official Photographers
    • Anita Murphy
    • Rich Gilligan
    • Liam Carroll