Macnas At School - Education

Our workshops are designed to empower children and young people to use and express the language of the imagination in new and meaningful ways, and as a tool to solve problems, innovate, create.

Tirellan National School

Program - Sculptural Creatures

Macnas Facilitator - Tom Meskell

Creative Associate - Yvonne Cullivan

Over 8 sessions pupils created amazing and powerful creatures from their imagination and at the end of the week did a petit Macnas Parade for the whole school! We LOVED working with the next generation of magic makers and were really impressed by their hard work and amazing creativity!

This program was funded and supported by Creative Schools program and the amazing teacher Karla Bedecked and the principle Kieran Tierney.

Tirellan National School

We were surprised when we were doing art with a real life famous company who does art

Tirellan National School

I was nervous at first but then while we were doing the parade it was really fun and I wasn't nervous at all

Tirellan National School

I was surprised they gave us a Macnas Passport to imagination land

Youthreach Tuam

A bespoke program designed for Youthreach Tuam

Macnas Facilitator - Johanne Webb

Creative Associate - Joanna Mc Glynn

The program ran over 6 sessions and through a series of games, chats, play and discussions the final outcome was a professional photoshoot with the students, they designed and created a Mad Hatters Tea Party and got to use Macnas masks and costumes.

This program was funded by Creative Schools and supported by the amazing team at youth reach, Brenda Ivers Youthreach Tuam coordinator and Sheila Gallagher art teacher.

Photos by Anita Murphy