COLLIDE - Artist Development

Macnas C O L L I D E programme provides intern and training opportunities for third level and newly graduated students nationally.

Macnas provide a platform of direct project experience and skills development for emerging talent in the following fields: Design, Performance, Metal Sculpting, Mask & Prop Design, Large Scale Animatronics, Production, Set Design, Costume, Set Painting and Virtual & Augmented Reality Spectacle. This is an opportunity to work closely with the Macnas team of highly skilled artists and professionals.

C O L L I D E - Emerging Artists

A program which offers graduates or emerging artists an opportunity to immerse themselves in the pedagogy and practice of Macnas. Artists will work with the company during a critical and highly creative time of creating new work.

This is an opportunity to allow emerging artists to articulate and push their practice in a new challenging and exciting environment while being guided and mentored by a team of professional artists.

August 2022

Interns will join the Macnas company and be an integral part of the creative team from the 8th - 27th August 2022

Students will work with world renowned experts in the field of spectacle arts Paul Mc Donnell, Dave Young and Noeline Kavanagh.

This three week period will be an opportunity to gain a unique insight into Macnas’ working methods in the creating of some of the world’s most exciting spectacle arts and to play a practical role in the design and realisation of new work.

Successful artists will be accommodated in Galway for the duration of the internship and a weekly stipend.

Successful artists have skills in one or more of the following areas.

• Metal-sculpting

• Mask and prop design

• Large-scale animatronics

• Set design and painting

• Costume

· Scenic construction.

This internship program was open to current and recent graduates from IADT undergraduate program in:

· Art

· 3D Design Modelmaking and Digital Arts

· Design for Stage and Screen

We are excited to work with the now generation of spectacular artists!

C O L L I D E : P R O F E S S I O N A L

Where excellence and diversity meet.

This program allows artists who excel in their field of practice an opportunity to integrate their work within a new pedagogical frame within the field of spectacle arts.

This program is open year round and an opportunity for a meeting of practices including, dance, performance, puppetry, Visual art, sculpture, SFX and production.

Come play with us!